Welcome to ‘Todds Club’; we bring you the Top 10 best keyboards, Keyboards, synthesizer-type, and piano types for 2021.

A wise individual once said, “Every home should have a keyboard,” and if you’ve found your way here, you probably agree. However, you might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t know anything about electric keyboards; how can I say which is the best keyboard when there are so many to choose from?”

This is a great question, and the answer is that you already have all the answers right here! We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best standalone and portable keyboards, and we’re confident you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

If you still have unanswered questions after reading the reviews, we’ll answer some of the most popular ones.

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1) Casio CTK2400 PPK

This is the ideal keyboard for a child or adult who wants to learn for fun without investing in an expensive instrument. It has a step-up learning scheme that lets you know to play melodies and interpret music, and it’s a MIDI keyboard (click here for the complete guide), so you can use it to insert music into a machine, for example. Of course, the feel and tone aren’t as good as those found on more expensive keyboards, but it does what it says on the box, and some people are perfectly content with that. The step-up learning method makes learning feel like a game, but we have a feeling you won’t become a great pianist just by doing that, and you’ll get bored of it quickly, so don’t think of it as a replacement for real-life lessons!

2) Casio WK7600 PPK

Did you think to yourself as you read the previous review, “Come on, that’s more like a doll!” I’m in desperate need of a good keyboard, one that I can use on stage and in the studio!’ If that’s the case, you’re searching for the older sibling of the one we’ve already discussed. We guarantee that you will enjoy the Casio WK7600, whether you are a novice who wants to play for fun or a beginner with huge musical dreams! It has so many choices that you can do something about it! Here’s a quick review where you can hear it being played; it sounds fantastic, and you can tell that the reviewer knows how to play and enjoys it a lot!

 3) Casio SA76 EDP

If you’re looking for a keyboard for a beginner, the Casio SA76 is a great option! It looks like a toy, but it’s still a good instrument for kids to practice on. The keys are smaller than standard keys, which can be beneficial for tiny fingers, but it also ensures that a child can outgrow it quickly, so be mindful of this before making your purchase. The keyboard comes with software that includes 50 different piano lessons. While this is no substitute for actual lessons with a trained teacher, it can be a fun addition that encourages the child to practice.

Casio SA76 EDP

 4) Yamaha YPG-235

What if you’re a professional or intermediate player looking for a keyboard that can do it all? The Yamaha YPG-235 is the keyboard for you, as you may have guessed. Is it, however, a keyboard or a Yamaha digital piano? What exactly is the difference between the two? It’s difficult to tell the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano, but it mainly comes down to the intent and type of music it’s built for. A keyboard is needed if you want to perform pop music at a concert with cool sounds. A good value digital piano is the way to go if you want a compact piano, doesn’t bother your neighbors, and doesn’t need tuning.

5) Yamaha DGX230

You’re in luck if you’re getting lost among all the keyboards on the market and want to find one that’s perfect and likely has everything you need and more. The Yamaha DGX 230 is a keyboard that falls into this category. There are 76 buttons, a 6-track recorder, 489 tones, and two stereo speakers on this keyboard. It comes with a stand and headphones, so you can get straight to playing. Headphones are handy if you live in an apartment and, for example, want to play the keyboard after your children have gone to bed. This is an excellent keyboard for beginners and those looking for a fun keyboard with a variety of sounds that are still reasonably priced. This keyboard can be a little monotonous because it does exactly what you want it to do, nothing more, nothing less. However, there are times when all we need from a keyboard is fantastic sounds and high quality, so we can’t complain. Sure, it doesn’t have anything special to offer, but it’s still adorable!

6) Casio LK-175 PPK

The Casio LK-175, the following keyboard, is another Casio product. It’s made specifically for kids, with LED keys that light up when you play. This function can also be used to learn new songs. It has 400 tones and 150 rhythms, far more than any child needs, but it’s entertaining! It comes with 110 pieces pre-installed, which is incredible. Given that this is a children’s keyboard, wouldn’t it be interesting to learn what a child thinks of? Here’s the cutest unboxing and summary video I’ve ever seen, featuring a little child. He seems to be ecstatic about his new keyboard! (His little sister’s rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” in the background is adorable!) This is an excellent keyboard for beginners, especially children. The lighted keys make it easy to understand, but we imagine keeping up with the more complex songs can be difficult. Your child will not become a skilled pianist just by using the built-in features. Still, it is an enjoyable way to learn and can be used as an introduction to playing the piano or as a supplement to daily piano lessons.

7) Hamzer 61-Key

This Hamzer 61-Key keyboard is for those musicians who want to spend as little money as possible and are willing to suffer the consequences. It’s far from perfect, but if all you need is to be able to play the keys and hear something, it’ll suffice. This may seem to be a bad thing, but many situations in which a musician wants a working piano at home that do not necessitate excellent sound. For instance, if you sing in a choir and need to practice your parts, you might play on the piano to ensure that you’re singing correctly. Another example is if you want to tune another instrument to a piano rather than using a tuner, or if you’re going to be able to play your main instrument with keyboard accompaniment when a friend or instructor comes over. It’s also beneficial to have a piano when learning music theory, such as learning about chords and practicing listening skills.

8) Casio Inc. CTK4400

We believe it is past time for us to look at a keyboard that feels a little more modern and adds something a little more special to our list. The Casio CTK440 blends right in, with 600 (!) sounds, 180 rhythms, and 152 tracks, and we can already tell it’s not just another keyboard. One of the most excellent features of this keyboard is that it allows you to sample sounds from your computer, for example. While many of the other keyboards have a sampling feature that will enable you to record your voice (or any different sound) through a built-in microphone, attaching your phone is also very useful if you, for example, like a sound in a song or video. This is a fantastic keyboard with far more voices than you’ll ever like. It has an infinite number of applications and is an excellent product. The only drawback is that it only has 61 buttons, but if you don’t need more than that, it’s ideal!

9) Alesis Recital

We suspect that not everybody who comes across this list is searching for a keyboard, but rather a digital piano. Is that correct? The Alesis Recital is an excellent choice. If you’ve been reading through our list and aren’t sure why you’d like 500 different sounds and why none of them have 88 buttons, you’ve likely been searching for a digital piano without realizing it! It isn’t easy to equate this digital piano to the keyboards on the list because it’s not a keyboard, but we figured it’d be helpful to have one because we’re sure many people don’t know the difference. If you want something simple with 88 semi-weighted keys to practice your scales and arpeggios and all that good stuff, this Alesi’s digital piano is a good choice! It’s the kind of piano you’d buy in place of an acoustic. Perhaps you don’t have enough room for one, or you travel often and don’t want to deal with the hassle of transporting a giant piano.

10) RockJam 54-Key

We’ll wrap up RockJam 54-Key our list with yet another low-cost keyboard. So, what makes this one stand out? Not much, but one nice feature is that the Piano Maestro iPad app comes with 30 free tracks, which I can highly recommend as a piano instructor. It teaches you how to read music by making it more of a game than a chore; the songs are enjoyable; it provides helpful tips on occasion, and it’s simple to keep track of your progress. The keyboard only has 54 keys, which isn’t much, but it’s enough for small children who want to play for fun. You’ll have to buy one separately or keep it on a table because a stand isn’t included. This keyboard is excellent for kids, mainly because Piano Maestro comes with 30 songs, which will help your child learn if he takes it seriously.


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